Things To Do At Home


Grow Your Child's Opportunities

Think About It: Iowa needs your child to discover, to design, to create, and to dream.

Greatness STEMs from Inspiration.

  • Visit a museum, county nature center or a science center

  • Measure things together in the kitchen

  • Post your child’s STEM creations on Facebook

  • Use tools to build together

Cultivate a Child’s Potential

Think about it: Your attitudes about STEM will impact your child’s career path.

Greatness STEMs from Investment.

  • Volunteer in groups that encourage creating and designing by students

  • Encourage job shadowing and internships at all ages

  • Spend time researching scholarship requirements in middle school

Commit to a Child’s Future

Think about it: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will open doors to your child’s dreams.

Greatness STEMs from Individuality.

  • Find STEM clubs, camps, and classes in your area

  • Invent something with your child

  • Set aside a “Maker Space” in your home—explore creativity!

  • Play games together that involve devising solutions and creating strategies

Discover a Child’s Talents

Think about it: STEM is for all! Artists, Engineers, Carpenters, Farmers, Nurses, CNC Operators, Musicians, Architects, and Programmers.

Greatness STEMs from Innovation.

  • Kitchen Chemistry—create a new recipe together

  • Visit about new technology, machines and manufacturing

  • Investigate careers that use STEM to overcome challenges

Nurture a Child’s Creativity

Think about it: STEM-related jobs are among the highest paid and fastest growing.